Basura makes funny things that get shared for brands, celebrities, and ourselves
Basura is Rajeev Basu and collaborators
Rajeev is an executive creative director / writer / artist. He has spent 20 years at some of the world's top creative agencies, brands, and entertainment shops. These include Wieden + Kennedy, Spotify, and Maximum Effort where he was a creative director / scriptwriter for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Known for his dry humour and anti-disciplinary approach, Rajeev has released projects across advertising, art, film, fashion, books, video games, products, web toys, and more.

His projects have been recognised at every major award show multiple times. And his works have appeared in galleries including the V&A London, Weltkunstzimmer Berlin, and the Museum of Moving Image in New York.

Basura's collaborators include a trusted network of thinkers, facilitators, and makers.

Founders and leaders work directly with Rajeev
Basura is not an agency or a studio.

Rajeev pairs with a producer to complete projects end-to-end, with collaborators engaged as needed.

Basura supports from concise creative strategy through to releasing things into the world.

Contact information
For more info / commissions, email